The unique journey by cable car !

The aiguille du midi is the most famous cable car, the highest of the Aiguilles de Chamonix has been a world attraction.

In 20 minutes, the Aiguille du Midi cable car, the highest in Europe, climbs more than 2700m and offers a unique journey between the ground and the sky to reach the panoramic terraces where you can put your finger on the World of the High Mountains.

The rocky peak near Mont Blanc with year-round snow with a spectacular ! On a clear day, you may even see Mattherhorn, the famous Swiss peak and icon of Switzerland – it’s even found on packages of delicious Toblerone chocolate.You can be the first one on the peak to enjoy The unique adventure:  "Step into the Void" BREATHTAKING! From the 3842 terrace, The ‘Step into the Void’ is a technological prowess with more than a thousand meters of emptyness beneath your feet inside this glass box. Lunch: When you come down to the village of Chamonix, enjoy your lunch in centre with the menau of the day, a surprise meal that changes every day.

 Visitors from all four corners of the Earth mingle here all year round. Mountaineers and guides heading for Mont-Blanc mix comfortably with tourists who have come to admire -in complete safety- the biggest glaciers in Europe and the highest peaks in France, Italy and Switzerland.


  • panoramic views of the Chamonix Valley and the French, Swiss and Italian Alps
  • 22 km of bearing and hauling cables
  • 3 pylons including one over 70 metres.
  • 45 km/h on the 2nd cable car.
  • Summit area by an elevator and its 3842 Terrace
  • Step into the void
  • Access to 8 panoramic terraces

A Little story...

1909 : the Compagnie Française des Funiculaires obtains a concession for a 3-stage route running along the glacier des Bossons and crossing the Col du Midi (3,660 m).
1911 : work begins. Interrupted by the war until 1924.
1940 : a service line reaches the Col du Midi.
1949 : the engineer Dino Lora Totino offers to build a single span section from the Plan de l'Aiguille (2317m).
1950 : an incredible human chain carries a steel cable 1,850 metres long, weighing more than one ton between the Col and the Aiguille du Midi. At the risk of a 9 hour climb down, the cable is unrolled towards the Plan de l’Aiguille.
1955 : the second section goes into service.
1957 : the Vallée Blanche gondola (now called Panoramic Mont-Blanc), runs over the glaciers to link France and Italy.
1966 : a lift on a central column is built to reach the summit.
1990 : a major renovation.
2008 : renovation of the bottom station.
2012 : Opening of the Vertical Area, the History Area and the Mont-Blanc Area.
2013 : Opening of The Step into the Void®