Creation of a glacier...


Not to be missed, this new space dedicated to glaciers.

Sign of the climate changes of this century, the Montenvers site deserves a space reserved for glaciology.

The Mer de Glace, its formation, its history, its future evolutions, this is what you’ll be able to discover in this interactive and educational space.

Established in 2012 on the site of Montenvers Mer de Glace and open daily during the summer (early June to late September), the Glaciorium features an entire exhibition dedicated to glaciology, with interactive and educational presentations all about glaciers, how they form, their history. It also answers questions related to climate and the environment. A glacier is a climate indicator. It is also the memory of the planet and life on Earth.

The museum also explores the culture built around the glaciers, how they will change in the future and more.